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Birth Investment

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 Birth Photography | Begins at $1275 


There is no greater honor than documenting the arrival of new life. These sessions are intense, inspiring, and powerful. I like to capture the raw, the emotion, and the feeling. There is nothing perfect or posed, just a true to you and your family documentary style session. I’m proud to offer this photography to those local to Philadelphia and the surrounding area. As a mother of two, I believe it’s important to have someone to trust to capture a memory to look back on for a lifetime. These events are unpredictable and can happen at any moment and last anywhere from one hour to twenty-four. This is why I limit these sessions to a very small number per year so that I can set availability for them and plan ahead. My time is dedicated to capturing the entire story of your baby’s born day.

Preserve your baby’s birth with a memory you can look back and relive every day. How do you want to tell your story?


For a full detailed menu and brochure about Birth photography and coverage, please contact me.