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Wedding Investment

the cat and the bride philadelphia wedding

Pick not just a photographer, but an artist to capture your wedding day.


Happy engagement! I’m thrilled to have you here. No doubt you have your hands full trying to choose your vendors and picking the right photographer is important. I’ll keep it truthful: I don’t want to up sell you a false personality just to get hired. I have moments where I am socially awkward and then times where I am the loudest of the bunch. I’m quirky and eccentric, but I am honest and genuine. You’re hiring me because you want your images mirroring just that — unique, honest, and genuine. My images will tell your story because, as an artist, I focus on the things not everyone typically sees. I am extremely observant, a perfectionist, and take extreme care in capturing every detail so that the memory is perfectly preserved.

Wedding Collections start at $2175


For more information and a custom quote, please fill out the contact form or email me at hello@sgwphotography.com.