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Remember the kid in school who sat in the back and drew all the time but was quiet? Yeah, that was me. She became a photographer! Unfortunately, she's still a quiet introvert, but with some improvements!

When I'm not photographing awesome people or volunteering for 100 Black Dads, I'm home with three children and husband taking care of my family. I am a fiercely strong supporter of Black Lives Matter and LGBTQIA+ rights and work hard to ensure my business is inclusive and intersectional in everything I do.

I became a photographer because I want to offer my talent to people just like me. People who want to see themselves for who they are and not what they fantasize to be. People who want to embrace their uniqueness and show their personalities. People who just want to feel and be themselves without pressure to be something they are not. 

It's nice to meet you. If you liked what you read, then we must have some things in common.  We're going to do grand things together, you and I.

nerdy Wife, mom, and Artist

Hi! I'm sabrina



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My beautiful children.

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Since I was a child, I have always been an artist. For high school, I attended a trade school for Advertising Design & Art. There I learned computer editing and graphic design. I went on to graduate and attended the Art Institute for Media Arts in 2003. Somewhere along the way, a photo of a warm autumn day in Fairmount Park is what sparked my change of majors into Photography. I started out with film and took pictures of everything and anything.

i have always been an artist


about me

When it was time to decide on what kind of photographer I was going to be, my heart was drawn to the idea of becoming a nature photographer. Yet living in a suburban area didn't give me many avenues to capture landscapes and wildlife. My only subjects were other people and inanimate objects. Over the years, I realized I was drawn to candid and editorial-like photography. Today, I refer to myself as a lifestyle photographer.

lifestyle photographer

The first video game I ever played was Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo. Yes, a very long time ago. At the age of six, I was so drawn to animation and challenges. Ever since then, I've never stopped gaming. It's funny because I always assumed I would grow out of it and become an 'adult.' Yet as an adult, I decided that I like gaming and eff the standards! Sims 4 and Overwatch are some of my favorites.

I am a gaming nerd

I grew up loving watching Japanese anime, having an interest in Dungeons and Dragons, and being a follower of Marvel Universe and many other fantastic fandoms. It never stopped even as I became an 'adult', so now I just accept that it's part of my personality and who I am. I am even married to someone who shares the same interests. We met him online through geeky Anime interests and have been in love for the last twenty years.

when I say I'm a geek, I mean it





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