Remember that kid in school who sat in the back and drew all the time but was quiet? Yeah, that's me. She became a photographer! What better way to put all my years of being an artist to use by creating stories through my camera.

When I'm not photographing you and your loved ones or volunteering for 100 Black Dads, I'm home with three sometimes angels and an even bigger kid who I also call husband playing video games or chilling to the latest tunes as a music junkie. I'm a fiercely strong supporter of Black Lives Matter and LGBTQA+ rights. I'm proud to call myself and my business inclusive and intersectional.

I became a photographer because I want to offer my talent to people just like me. People who want to see themselves for who they are and not what they fantasize to be. People who want to embrace their uniqueness and show their personalities from a perspective of an outsider looking in. People who just want to feel and be themselves without pressure to be something they are not. 

I do this because I love to create and make art. I love what I do and it's a honor to be able to create something perfect and unique that tells the story of YOU.

Your local nerdy Photographer

Hi! I'm sabrina



a few of my favorite

My beautiful children.

my best friend and husband

cooking with my crock pot

being an anime gaming loving nerd (that's jam project at otakon 17'!)

the color pink and cherry blossoms

photography. Obviously.





Since I was a child, I have always been an artist. I started out drawing stick figures in grade school and gradually moved up in skill level as the years went by. By high school, I was attending classes for Advertising Design & Art where I learned computer editing and graphic design. In college, my goal was to complete a bachelors in Animation and work for either Disney or Pixar. Yet it's strange how life has a way of alternating your paths. Somewhere along the way, a photograph by a student drew me in. The warm colors of an autumn day in Fairmount Park. It was that photo that changed everything. Before I knew it, I was changing majors to Photography.

i have always been an artist


about me

Before going the route of portraits, my initial goal with photography was to become a nature photographer. I have always loved the scenic beauty of mountains, meadows, and forests. My goal was to somehow join National Geographic and travel the world photographing locations around the world. Funny how that never came into fruition. I guess it was because I started to photograph people and fell in love with photography even more.

i love nature

My first video game was Super Mario Bros on the Nintendo. I'll never forget the first time I was able to play and ended up dying to a Goomba promptly after at the age of six. Years later and I'm still just as fascinated with gaming as I was then. Whether it's The Sims 4 or a game of Overwatch, being a gamer is part of who I am and something I'm finally starting to embrace.

I love gaming

I'm happy being labeled as such because that's what I am. Everything from Dungeons & Dragons, Marvel comics, and even Japanese Anime. If its labeled geeky, chances are I'm probably into it. In fact, it's how I was able to meet and fall in love with my now husband. We met online in a Japanese Anime chatroom and bonded over our mutual love for Revolutionary Girl Utena. Wow that sounds nerdy ... but I love it.  Hey, you wanted to know facts about me, right? There you go. 

i am a complete blerd