I'm Sabrina!

I'm a Queer & Black Woman Wedding and Portrait Photographer based in Philadelphia, PA passionate about capturing genuine moments and colorful imagery.

Since my early years, I've always been the art-loving geek at school, and that description still holds true today. *Let me share my journey with you on how my business came to be. (trigger warning: loss)

Back in 2001, I graduated from a vocational-technical high school, where I earned my diploma and a coveted certification in Advertising Art & Design. Hungry for more knowledge and skills, I decided to pursue my love for photography at the renowned Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2003.

After completing my college education, I hesitated to dive fully into a photography career and instead explored other professional paths while starting a family. However, life took an unexpected turn in 2012 when I experienced the heartbreaking loss of my pregnancy due to preeclampsia. It was a stark reminder that life is too short to dwell on "what ifs." Inspired by this realization, I made the courageous decision to start my own small business—SGW Photography.

SGW Photography is not just a business; it's a heartfelt tribute to my firstborn and myself, allowing me to pursue my dreams of telling stories through art. Over the past ten years, it has been an incredible journey capturing beautiful portraits for couples, families, and individuals. I am happy and proud to be one of the few Black Woman & Queer owned Wedding photographers in the Philadelphia area. What brings me the most pride is creating a comfortable and safe space for my clients. I believe that being relatable and helping people bring out their best selves is essential.

Being a queer black woman photographer in the Philadelphia area, my mission is to showcase a diverse range of work that reflects people from all walks of life. I want everyone to feel seen and celebrated when they search for a photographer who understands their unique story.

So, whether you're looking for captivating images that capture your narrative or a photographer who truly gets you, I invite you to explore my portfolio. As you browse through my work, you'll discover a genuine connection and a memorable experience awaits.

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I am here to turn your real love into art.






As a queer black woman on the autism spectrum, I believe in the importance of transparency in sharing the core aspects of who I am. This isn't just about me; it's an invitation for others to feel seen, understood, and embraced. In my work as a photographer, your comfort is paramount. Authentic photographs stem from genuine connections, and knowing me means knowing a little part of what makes us all human. My commitment to inclusivity is not just a statement; it's a promise to always align with those who share in the values of LGBTQIA and BIPOC communities. 

queer, black, and weird

My artistic journey began in grade school, where I was captivated by drawing, painting, and coloring. Upon graduating from vocational high school with a certification in Advertising Art and Design, I continued to nurture my passion at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. There, I delved into the world of Animation before discovering a profound love for Photography.

I became enamored with the rich tones of film and the intricate process of developing it. This fascination lingered within me for many years, culminating in a defining decision to strike out on my own. This was the beginnings of what would shape my business.

a creative artist

I love connecting with fellow enthusiasts, whether we're diving into the rich lore of Lord of the Rings, geeking out over gaming rigs, unraveling theories about Five Nights at Freddy's, or sharing our love for Zelda. My passion for these interests goes hand in hand with my approach to photography, where I strive to embrace and celebrate what makes each of us unique.

Whether it's a Star Wars-themed wedding or family portraits featuring your matching Harry Potter attire, I delight in breaking away from convention. I weave your hobbies and distinctive interests into each session, creating a photographic experience that's truly yours. After all, being a nerd is more than cool; it's a way of life.

a nerd and gamer forever

As a body-positive photographer, I'm committed to embracing and celebrating every individual's unique beauty. I understand that true confidence comes from being comfortable in your own skin, and I strive to create an environment where you can express yourself freely.

Whether you prefer casual wear, opt out of traditional attire, or have your own unique style, your choices are honored and welcomed here. My priority is to empower you to be the best version of yourself, capturing stunning portraits that reflect your individuality and authenticity. Together, we'll create memories that not only look beautiful but feel genuine and true to who you are. Let's celebrate you, just as you are, with a photography experience that's positively you.

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Being unapologetically me.


I have always loved cherry blossoms. In fact, cherry blossoms was the original theme for my brand. Pink has always been my color.


My best friend, partner, and spouse. I love my husband with everything. He's been my biggest supporter since the start of my business and I can't thank him enough for all he's done. 


I'm a mother to three happy children who light up my life. My dream was to always become a mother. Everything that I do is to provide a beautiful life for my children.


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