As a kid, I was the geeky art girl at school. This lovely description of me is one that still applies when describing myself in a few words. I'm Sabrina, a queer black woman photographer living in the Greater Philadelphia area and loving it.

I attended and graduated from a vocational-technical high school in 2001 and received both my diploma and a certification into Advertising Art & Design. I would later attend the Art Institute of Philadelphia in 2003 to pursue Photography.

Today, I travel all over the Greater Philadelphia and beyond creating beautiful portraits for couples, families, and individuals. I take pride in being able to offer a comfortable safe-space for those seeking someone who is relatable and able to bring out their best selves.

As a queer black woman photographer in the Philadelphia area, my hope is to showcase a wide variety of work from people of all walks of life so that everyone can feel seen when looking for a photographer. 

I'm Sabrina!

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I have made it my goal to live with my disabilities and turn them into my strengths while still pursuing my favorite form of art as a full-service profession. It's perfectly okay to do things differently if it makes you feel at ease.

As an autistic mother to two autistic young children, I have made it my life goal to ensure that everyone does not feel alienated or weird about their unique needs during their photography experience. There is a space for us to enjoy our photography experience with someone who can understand certain sensory priorities. 

Even us introverts like pictures.

autism & neurodivirgent affirming

My fascination for art began with drawing figures, painting, and coloring during grade school. Over the years, I gradually honed my talents into something notable among my peers.

After graduating vocational high school with a certification in Advertising Art and Design, I went on to further my education at the Art Institute of Philadelphia where I majored into Animation and later Photography.

With a love for the beautiful tones of film and the process of developing it, it was not until many years later that I made the decision to become a solopreneur and create SGW Photography.

an artist

I love meeting others like myself who can discuss deeply at length the fascinating lore behind Lord of the Rings, can geek about their gaming rigs, or enjoy indulging with the theories surrounding the indie smash hit Five Nights at Freddy's. 

I live for the ceremonies and sessions that break the traditional and instead create their own waves by incorporating their hobbies, interests, or any other number of unique approaches towards their photography session. I'll be there to cheerlead you on if you plan to throw a Star Wars wedding or delight in the inclusion of your Harry Potter matching wardrobe for family portraits.

Whatever it is, being a nerd is cool. So let's do nerdy photography!

here for my fellow nerds

When I say inclusive and body positive, I mean it. I know what it means to want to work with someone you feel absolutely comfortable with and not feel 'othered'.

When you hire me, you're not just hiring my expertise in the craft and professionalism to service you fully, but the added fact that I will do everything to be mindful of your preferences and needs with the utmost importance. Whether you hire me for an hour or several, everyone is regarded and treated equally and the same manner of attentiveness and respect.

I can write forever and tell you about my stances and beliefs, but it takes more than just words when actions are louder. My activsim shows through my work.

inclusive and body positive

at my core, I'm

My children.

I'm a mother to three happy children who light up my life. My dream was to always become a mother. Everything that I do is to provide a beautiful life for my children.

my best friend and husband

My best friend, partner, and spouse. I love my husband with everything. He's been my biggest supporter since the start of my business and I can't thank him enough for all he's done. 

travel and sightseeing

I love experiencing new things and traveling to different places. I want photography to let me see the whole world.

anime and gaming

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the color pink 

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photography. Obviously.

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Things that make me

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