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Sometime earlier this year, Amistad Law contacted me to take some headshots. Amistad Law is an organization dedicated to ending mass incarceration in Philadelphia and all of Pennsylvania and fighting to get our communities the resources they need to thrive.

When Kris contacted me about headshot photography, I was a little nervous at the idea of doing so. It is not often people hire me for headshots, so I was a bit nervous. Plus, with studios on lockdown due to COVID-19, I felt I wouldn’t match up to their expectations. After convincing me I was a good fit, I decided to take on the challenge.

I was so happy they were looking for something different than your average headshot. My approach with portraits is more lifestyle. For me, I love portraits that are more lifestyle than posed. It wasn’t my first time, but it certainly felt like it. It was such a beautiful day, and the gardens were gorgeous. I couldn’t believe I never heard of this location up until this day! Sometimes I find the best sites on my own, yet more often than not, it’s the clients telling me where to find a treasure trove location.

For more information, I highly recommend you check them out! It was an honor to capture each one of them, and I’m so happy my photos will represent their organization.

Business Information:
Amistad Law
Ph: (267) 225-5884
Or visit them online at

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