Cairnwood Estate Bryn Athyn, PA Wedding | Faryn + Eric

Tuesday, March 29th, 2022

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» Cairnwood Estate Elopement

Faryn and Eric decided to do a small ceremony while celebrating their union at the Cairnwood Estate, which is just minutes from Philadelphia, for an Elopement session. Cairnwood Estate is a gorgeous venue location with cathedral-like architecture and beautiful historical views. I loved the touch of green that was already along the rails, which added to the mystique and charm.

This beautiful Elopement session was mostly posed, and I enjoyed the atmosphere of the surroundings for an hour. The venue was very kind and attentive to Faryn and Eric, even if they were just for an hour. After a few portraits around the venue, they were off to tie the knot, officially surrounded by friends back in New Jersey.

Faryn is a long-time friend I have used as an artistic muse for many years. I was overjoyed that she relied on me to capture this special moment. I took some creative avenues by letting the light overpower the photo to give a serene, almost angelic look to Faryn’s physique. It turned into some impressive shots. I’m so grateful that she lets me experiment while simultaneously looking stunning in every one of her photos.

I hope to return to this venue now that I have an idea of the area and how to best utilize it for portraits. In the meantime, I’m happy about the small experience I gained while there.



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