Philadelphia Headshot Photographer

My studio has been a fantastic place to do portraits anytime in any weather. It also allows me to start doing headshots and branding sessions! My Aunt was the first to request headshots, and I was eager to please! She’s a delightful and beautiful spirit, which you can see in these portraits.

As I expand my business, I hope to have a streamlined branding service to offer something for clients who need a whole brand featuring them and their business. For now, it’s starting small. So enjoy these beautiful portraits of my Aunt and cousin, who did her hair and makeup!

Also, my cousin is quite the goof. Just saying.

Abdomen -
Microphone - Beauty.m
Microphone - Headgear
Microphone - Suit
Blazer - Fashion
Hair - Headgear
Headgear - Fashion accessory
Abdomen - Sitting
Photograph - Portrait photography