October 13, 2022
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I love autumn more than any season, and this Crossing Vineyards wedding, made me love the weather even more. After a super hot summer, the cool weather was a welcomed change for this September micro-wedding. I’m beginning to realize a wedding doesn’t have to be hours long and filled to be beautiful and enjoyed. The pandemic has brought a new wave of smaller, intimate weddings, which I am all about for several reasons. The biggest one is that micro-weddings and elopements allow me to play and get some creative shots along with traditional ones. It means more time to take bridal portraits, capture unique settings, and get involved, so there are more photos with connection and hugs with minimal guidance on my end.

After meeting the couple through the bride’s stepmother, we hit it off instantly when we spoke over the phone. On top of our mutual introverted tendencies, we chatted about gaming online, League of Legends, favorite animes, and many other things that made me confirm they were my new favorite couple. I love it when I can relate to my clients and match their energy and vibe. In this job, it’s essential to be able to work well with people. I always thought that this meant only extroverts could handle these gigs. Yet over the years, I realized that being an introvert is just as effective and gives me more of an advantage over certain shots. My motto is to be a fly on the wall capturing the moving scenery as it unfolds so that the images tell a story. Doing that means less posing and letting things happen naturally without interrupting the setting. Sometimes I suggest a new area or try to guide it to a more editorial appeal, but I’m letting the couple do what they do so I can document it as it’s happening.

Crossing Vineyards is a beautiful venue for those looking to get married. The area is gorgeous in fall, with golden leaves feathering down from the trees during the ceremony and ripe, plump grapes growing on vines. Look no further than this wedding gallery during the fall for those wondering if Crossing Vineyards is a great place to get married. The staff and owners were all excellent, with a laid-back and chill vibe that matched the couple’s energy. They were very attentive to the wedding party and even me as the photographer. I’m always happy when I find venues that take care of everyone during their services, and Crossing Vineyards was terrific for that.

Eloping can be very beneficial to those who want to keep things flexible and straightforward, yet it comes with the con of not involving people who may want to be there to celebrate with you. Parents are usually the biggest ones who tend to be disappointed when they cannot attend their children’s weddings. So what do you do when your family wants a wedding, and you want a simple and quick ceremony? A micro-wedding! And thank goodness that venues in the Philadelphia area are finally opting for micro-wedding arrangements. Instead of an all-day affair, a few hours to enjoy food and mingle with guests is the perfect way to celebrate. If you’re stuck on the idea of a small wedding but nothing too crazy, then a micro-wedding may be what you need.

Andrea and Michael tied the knot at Crossing Vineyards in the morning over in Bucks County, PA. The cool weather and overcast sky made for beautiful pictures during the ceremony. After the ceremony, the couple spent the remaining hours eating a delicious luncheon served by the venue, watching the football game, and enjoying the vineyards’ overall scenery. It was very casual, with everyone enjoying each other’s company and the hired musician playing gentle music in the background. After cake cutting and a few more laughs, the function ended mid-afternoon, right before the rain started. I can’t say enough good things about doing micro-weddings at Crossing Vineyards in Bucks County, PA. Well, I can tell a lot, but mostly I want to do more of them soon. I would fashion myself a micro-wedding photographer exclusively if I could. Who knows, maybe I will! Smaller weddings so I can crawl extensively through the entire area and take all the pictures.

Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful day! Congratulations to Andrea and Michael!

Thank you for trusting me with your beautiful day! Congratulations to Andrea and Michael!




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