August 24, 2021
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» Fairmount Park Family Session

Despite COVID-19 still being a heightened concern in Philadelphia and beyond, families and loved ones are turning to photographers more than ever to capture memories, document milestones, and have photographs in light of this past year. More than ever, people realize the beauty and importance of photography. Not just for displaying on social media, but printing and hanging on walls or putting in albums to treasure for years.

We’re living in a time where our health is of the utmost importance. This epidemic has shown us many hardships, including the inability to visit and see our loved ones. The distance has made us realize just how important it is to have something physical to remember our loved ones by that isn’t just a digital image. We’re only now learning just how few photographs we have of each other until it’s too late for many of us.

I suppose that’s why I’ve been busy this year: families, couples, and even solo sessions. I’ve been enjoying them all, soaking up all the experience and loving the way families light up in front of my camera. More of them are aware than ever before that these are the moments that matter and that now they have something tangible to look back on for years to come.

This location in Fairmount Park has always been my favorite. Aside from the fact that it was freshly cut (and that someone threw blue petals everywhere), it’s become a frequent place for me to take my families whenever they want an outdoor session.

The best part of this area is the cozy gazebo surrounded by these beautiful flowering trees. This area is where the pink cherry blossoms sprout during Spring. Unfortunately, we were a bit late in getting there. Hopefully, next year will be easier, assuming COVID-19 is no longer an issue. This beautiful Fairmount Park Family session was filled with tons of laughter, smiles, and playtime as the family explored the vicinity of the area together.

This family was absolutely adorable. Their son was the cutest, bubbliest little guy once he broke out of his shell.

With that said, I hope everyone out there is keeping safe and getting vaccinated. Oh, and if you haven’t, it might be time to do some portraits! Especially if you’re around Philly!



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