September 29, 2022

» Philadelphia Elopement Photographer

Boy, can I tell you how happy my heart is to capture an intimate elopement like this one! It’s not just that tiny details like these are fun (though they are), but also because it’s vital to me that people get married in whatever way they want. There is no one-size-fits-all when tying the knot here in Philadelphia. You can do it big and large with an extravagant and luxurious at one of the many local venues in Center City, or keep it small and intimate with a self-uniting elopement, even if that means doing so quietly without many witnesses and just a few friends and family. If you’re looking for something simple or small, don’t worry about finding the perfect location; Philly has plenty of little gems in city parks like Benson Park, where Becca and Isaac chose to say their vows together.

Becca and Isaac’s surprise elopement was a dream! Benson Park was the perfect place to host the intimate gathering of less than 20. In front of a beautiful do-it-yourself chuppah, they created themselves, said their vows, and got ready for some fun family portraits. Afterward, the couple and family drove to Suraya restaurant, where they celebrated with a beautiful dinner and toasted champagne.

I loved this Elopement for its simplicity of it. Many think eloping means going to the courthouse, getting hitched there, or traveling to some distant faraway island or wooded scenery. As much as I would love the opportunity (and I do mean love… please consider me for destination elopements!), there’s nothing wrong with just eloping right here in Philadelphia Center City. The area is alive with gorgeous history and contemporary charm in every alleyway. Even the tiny pockets of beautiful parks are perfect, precisely what Becca and Isaac did when they chose Benson Park. The colorful murals that decorated the walls and the warm, sunny day in September made for a perfect photo session.

If you’re asking whether or not you should elope in Philadelphia, the answer is yes. There are hundreds of areas within the city, just like Benson Park, for a quiet, intimate ceremony of your choosing. Not only is an Elopement less stressful than a full-on wedding, it also allows you to splurge and enjoy the best part of the day with gorgeous photographs you’ll have for the rest of your life. I believe that photography is the most important piece of your wedding day. When it’s all said and done, beautiful pictures are the only thing you’ll have left to remember about the day. And with today’s technology, where everyone has a camera on their phone, professional-grade cameras can do much more and create something that the average iPhone cannot. While there is nothing wrong with it, instead of relying on friends and family to capture the moment, have them be a part of it and leave the documentation to me, a professional who loves what she does.

Becca’s beautiful bridal outfit was perfect for the weather, too! It just says you don’t have to wear a dress for your big day, and she proved that. Together, the pair was so bubbly and refreshingly joyful, making my heart so full to see. It’s heartwarming to see people do what I still wish I did when I married and hired a photographer. Even if it’s just fifteen minutes of saying a few vows with family, these pictures they will cherish for the rest of their lives. The day couldn’t have been more beautiful– showering us with perfect weather and all the love in attendance. Below are some highlights from their Benson Park elopement!

We all know love is the greatest gift, and that’s precisely what this couple gave each other on their special day. I wish them all the best for their future together! Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your big day, Becca and Isaac!




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