January 24, 2023

Philadelphia Family Photography

The Gannon Family was so much fun to work with! It was a bit chilly early in the morning at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, but it was the perfect time to get portraits with children in a completely empty setting. Because the museum is such a popular place, I always recommend the morning for two reasons: the lighting and the lack of people.

During the evening, it can get really crowded with events, families, and even weddings everywhere. Navigating the area during this time can make for very crowded scenes that I find can be distracting in a photo. However, morning sessions alleviate this because not a lot of people are in attendance to the museum at this time. Plus, the morning light is just as gorgeous as the evening sunlight. Not to mention if you plan to bring kids to this session, I find they do so much better in the morning than during the evening. You want them at their peak energy so they can laugh, play, and cooperate! Of course, I always encourage for families to bring snacks and anything else that can coax them into those cute portraits you want on top of the freestyle playful ones.

Beautiful portraits is possible even with children who might be either shy or really high energy. Just because a photo looks picture perfect doesn’t mean that getting it was easy-peasy. Children are unpredictable and sometimes we have to work with them to get the results we want. That’s why I provide these experiences so that every child is given the space and freedom to be who they are so that later they’re more willing to give you the photos you really want to see.

Please enjoy this lovely gallery of the Gannon’s as we traveled around the museum area in Philadelphia. This is a great area for Philadelphia family photography and one to consider if you plan on creating a special session for you and your family.



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