February 10, 2020

» At-Home Philadelphia Newborn Photographer

Lately, I’ve been falling in love all over again with capturing lifestyle newborn sessions at home. They’re my favorite type of session because of the simplicity involved and emotion I can grab by just having parents bond with their newborn.

It makes me happy whenever my clients find me for that exact reason. They’re looking for connection and a story that allows them to be part of it. After all, the baby may be new, but the parents are the reason for their existence. Why shouldn’t they be part of it?

They wanted to celebrate their newborn’s arrival in a very natural way in their lovely Philadelphia home for this family. It was an effortless, simple session done very early in the morning. A lifestyle newborn session’s benefits are that you don’t have to leave from home; instead, I come to you! All you need is a little light, maybe a nursery, or just a favorite place you like to spend time in your home, and the rest is simple.

Many people think their home isn’t camera perfect for an in-home lifestyle newborn session, and that’s so far from the truth. If your home is where your newborn and family thrive, then trust me, it’s picture-perfect. A house doesn’t have to look like it came from Martha Stewart, and the most genuine photographs are the ones who don’t worry. A quiet, comfortable setting familiar to you makes the perfect environment for a newborn session because everyone is relaxed.

It’s your story. Why not make it genuine?

One of the few joys in my job is being able to tell the story of a family growing. Milestones like this fill me with joy and often reminds me of the love of my own growing family. Photos like this are needed to remind us every day of where we’re headed and how things are going. Portraits to share in an album or hang on the wall. So that a year from now, you can flip through it and know you are whole.



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