December 19, 2022

Rodin Museum Philadelphia Engagement Session

With fall comes the closing of weddings and the beginning of new stories. For this beautiful Philadelphia engagement session, I met up with Kunle and Tiffany in peak November weather over by the Rodin Museum. Shy at first, the two quickly warmed up in front of the camera and were simply incredible towards the end of the session.

The first half was casual attire, where we wandered the vicinity of the Rodin Museum, finding neat spots to pose and allow them to get comfortable. In the second half, we continued with a formal look that was stunning against the museum’s fall foliage and marble masonry. Toward the end of their session, these two were nailing every shot I took with no guidance! If this is them for their engagement, I can’t wait to see what happens when they get married. Whew!

The first half is always awkward regarding sessions, and I say this as someone known to be awkward in front of the camera. So embarrassing that I even once heard a photographer say under his breath how uncomfortable I was to photograph. It killed my mood a little, knowing I was being a bit bumbling.

So what do I do to make a couple comfortable in front of the camera? I let them do their thing while giving a few prompts and light cues. As someone who is not easily big on posing, I prefer a more natural feel and look in my images where it doesn’t seem forced or stiff. I love movement, connection, and interactions which I focus on as a documentary photographer.

With couples, this means ensuring they’re both focusing on each other and not my camera. I’ll direct by having them walk in certain areas or sit in various locations, but for the most part, I step back and watch how the pair interact and behave towards one another while capturing it. I love capturing how a couple loves each other and what they do together when it’s just them. I explain to think of it like a date night but with a plus one, just capturing it all.



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