A  photographer is the most essential and important part of a wedding day outside of a venue. They are the ones who re-tell the story of your wedding through their eyes. So don't you think it's important to tell it just right? How do you want your story retold?

Finding your photographer is like a matchmaking experience, so how do you know if I am the right fit for you? Well, first, I would highly encourage checking out my Instagram, blog, and galleries to make sure you further love what I do.

As an artist, I'm a bit of an introvert. I have moments where I am socially awkward and then times where I am the loudest of the bunch. I'm quirky and eccentric, but I am honest and genuine. You're hiring me because you want your images mirroring just that — unique, honest, and genuine to who you are.

If we can connect there, then we're off to a good start.

What's the nitty gritty on weddings?

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the wedding package


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Easiest and quickest way to reach me is always going to be by email. You can send me one or fill out the contact form below and I'll get back to you quickly! We chat and talk about you, your significant other, your favorite movie, and anything else pertinent about your wedding and how you want to remember it.

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You want to book me! Woohoo, the best decision you can ever make! To make it official, a retainer of $1,000 and a signed contract is all that is needed to secure your date. All of this is done online through the client hub where you'll have access to everything. Easy, right?

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Now it's time to have some fun! An Engagement session is an opportunity for all of us to meet and get a feel for one another in person. You'll be able to see how I work and have a sense of what to expect during the wedding. Think of it as a practice run or 'rehearsal' so that come the date of the real thing you're confident and comfortable in front of my camera because you already know I'm going to knock it out the park! You seen firsthand!

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The moment we have all been waiting for—wedding day! After much planning, chatting, preparing, and whatever loose ends need to be tied up, then it's go time. I arrive geared and ready to go and you simply sit and enjoy one of the best days of your life. Don't worry, I got you. You look great. I'll keep telling you until you believe, too. Then, after the fun and dancing, I'll take a final photo of you both then head home where you can expect previews within that same week.

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I don't like to rush because I'm a terrible perfectionist, so I always give a rough estimate of 3-4 weeks to see your finished gallery. The reason for that is because I edit everything myself! With years of training and knowledge, I save by not having others do it and do the work myself! I take extreme care in editing my pictures by hand making necessary adjustments such as retouching, tone adjustment, and branding the image to my standard style. Then, it's show time! 

patience is a virtue


That's right! It's time! After your gallery is perfected, I send an email with a link to a private online gallery featuring your wedding day. There you go! Now you can share, download, and re-experience the retelling of your day through my eyes. The retelling of your love story in its purest, most honest form. Imperfections and goofy memories included.

Special delivery right into your email!

Happy Client

Sabrina was easy to work with. She made as feel comfortable in front of the camera and was patient with our wedding party, getting everyone together for photos. It was fun to look at the photos she captured afterwards especially the candid moments that I didn't remember. There were many parts of this wedding process that were stressful, as we planned everything in less than 2 months, but the photography was not one of them thanks to Sabrina!

Happy Client

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