May 17, 2022

» Philadelphia Portraits

Catching up on some of my favorite sessions I’ve done over the past year. Around this time, I met up with Ashley at my studio located in the Fishtown area to capture these stunning birthday portraits. I was still adjusting to having a studio so it took a bit of figuring out the best places for lighting and using some new play toys to enhance the background. I didn’t get to do everything I wanted to try, but I’m really happy with the results in the end.

Ashley was a beautiful client who wanted to celebrate her birthday in her own way—a birthday shoot! I’ve been getting a lot of these and I can’t tell you how much I look forward to these types of sessions. Instead of working with a group or a family, it’s just me and one other creating fabulous looks all around the city or, in this case, my studio. Ashley came with a variety of different outfits and hair looks she incorporated into the session. With the beautiful makeup artist recommended by me, she looked absolutely stunning in her birthday portraits.

Studio portraits are great for simplicity or whenever the weather isn’t favorable. It makes an awesome spot for traditional headshot photos or just somewhere intimate. I love studio sessions for the versatility of creating my own environment for pictures. However, I must admit I do prefer the outdoors more. There’s something a little more magical about the lighting outside compared to a studio. Still, it’s always good to get a variety of different types of sessions and this was a top-tier experience.

Also, why not get a birthday session? It’s the best gift for yourself! Beautiful professional-quality photos you can print, share on social media, or just use for whatever. Plus, so many of my clients are failing to print their photos! It’s such a big deal! Why let them sit on your computer or USB drive when you can take advantage of print credit that I gift all my clients! You can order beautiful prints directly from your gallery and have it delivered straight to your door. Portraits hanging on your wall, even of just yourself, can boost your confidence by a million. It’s a great thing to walk by your photo and know ‘yes, that’s me and my fine self’. I do it all the time when I check out my portraits on my walls, ha!

Anyway, enough blabbering. Take a moment to appreciate this melanin-infused birthday session done in Philadelphia and let these pictures add some sunshine to your day!



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