May 28, 2022
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» Rittenhouse Hotel Philadelphia Micro-Wedding

For this micro-wedding, Paul and Jerina decided to tie the knot with an elegant and intimate arrangement that included the Mayor of Doylestown, Pennsylvania. I was honored to be selected to document this beautiful wedding and loved every little detail from the exquisite décor to the details of the ceremony.

They wanted to just be themselves in front of the camera since they rarely do portraits and were delighted to hear my approach. As someone who isn’t frequently in front of the camera, my process is always to let my couples be who they are and capture their interactions and connections.

When people say they see so much joy and laughter in my photos, I tell them because they’re doing it. Whether it was because of a silly cue I gave or because I simply happened to be there at the right moment, I love capturing connections.

For me, poses can only do so much. Fantastic for a classic, traditional approach but doesn’t tell a story. I’m a storyteller. I want my pictures to do that. Flow, ebb, and unravel the day as seen through my eyes. I know, I know, how cheesy. But it’s true! That’s the best way I can describe my approach when I attended their wedding in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, at The Rittenhouse Hotel.

I was that fly on the wall (or at least on the floor), observing everything and trying my best to capture every little detail. Every little detail matters. From the watch to the wine glasses, they all play a part in shaping the wedding day.



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