June 24, 2023
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Capturing Kunle and Tiffany’s wedding at the luxurious Ballroom at the Ben was an absolute pleasure. This high-end celebration commenced with a beautiful ceremony at the Holy Church of Trinity, located in the picturesque Rittenhouse Park of Philadelphia.

My journey with this lovely couple began in the fall when we met for their elegant engagement session near the Rodin Museum. From the very start, I was captivated by Kunle’s attentive demeanor towards Tiffany. Despite a long day of planning, they both agreed that the engagement session was the highlight of their day. The session took place on a crisp autumn day, with golden leaves gently falling around them. We explored the museum grounds, capturing their love and connection against the stunning backdrop of Philadelphia’s art scene.

Finally, the much-awaited wedding day arrived in May, and like my wedding with Dana and Stacey, it turned out to be another rainy day in Philly. However, I embraced the challenge of documenting the day exactly as it unfolded, without altering the atmosphere or pretending it was anything other than a rainy yet stunning day. My focus remained on capturing the emotions, mood, ambiance, and the couple’s interactions throughout the day. Rain can add a touch of romance and magic to wedding photos, and I was determined to showcase the beauty in this unexpected weather.

Originally, we planned to have their first look at Bartram’s Garden, a picturesque location known for its lush greenery and scenic views. However, due to the rain and the possibility of muddy conditions, we decided to adapt our plans. As a photographer, flexibility is key, and I was prepared to make the necessary adjustments to ensure the couple’s special moments were captured flawlessly.

The day began with Tiffany getting ready at a beautiful Air BNB while Kunle prepared at the Kimpton Hotel Palomar. The anticipation and excitement filled the air as both parties prepared for their momentous day. The bride was surrounded by her closest friends and family, who helped her slip into her stunning gown with delicate lace details and intricate beadwork. Meanwhile, the groom made sure every detail of his attire was impeccable, from his tailored suit to his polished shoes.

Once both were dressed and ready, they headed to the Ballroom at the Ben to share their first look. Although we couldn’t stick to our original plan, the team at Finely Catering graciously allowed us to use their exquisite balcony, providing a stunning view of the city. The first look was an emotionally charged moment, filled with tenderness as they read heartfelt letters to each other and embraced. I must admit, it was hard not to shed a tear—I’m a softie when it comes to these intimate and beautiful moments.

Following the first look, we made our way to the Church of Holy Trinity for their wedding ceremony. It was my first time stepping inside this magnificent church, having admired its exterior for years. The grandeur of the architecture and the intricate details of the stained glass windows left me in awe. The interior matched my expectations, and I felt privileged to capture its true essence. Guided by Rev. John Gardner, Kunle and Tiffany exchanged vows surrounded by their loved ones. The church echoed with their promises of love and commitment, creating an atmosphere of profound joy and reverence.

After the ceremony, we returned to the Ballroom at the Ben for the exquisite reception, adorned with elegant decorations. I have a particular fondness for capturing reception details, and this room was a dream to photograph. The tables were adorned with lavish floral centerpieces, softly illuminated by candlelight. The couple had chosen a color palette of rich burgundy and gold, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. As the evening progressed, the room came alive with laughter, heartfelt speeches, and the clinking of glasses in celebration.

The couple enjoyed hours of dancing and dining with their friends and family, culminating in a wardrobe change into traditional Nigerian outfits for the customary money dance. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns of their attire added a cultural flair to the festivities. It was a joyous and energetic affair, with guests eagerly showering the couple with money as a symbol of prosperity and well-wishes for their future.

As a photographer, city weddings hold a special place in my heart, especially those set in Philadelphia. The rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant energy of the city provide endless opportunities for capturing truly remarkable moments. I genuinely hope to have the opportunity to document more of these captivating celebrations in the years to come. Each wedding is a unique story waiting to be told through my lens, and I am excited to continue my journey of capturing love and happiness in its purest form.

In conclusion, Kunle and Tiffany’s wedding at the Ballroom at the Ben was a day filled with love, elegance, and heartfelt moments. From their enchanting engagement session to the grandeur of their wedding ceremony, every aspect was carefully planned and flawlessly executed. Despite the rain, the couple embraced the day with grace and joy, creating unforgettable memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. It was an honor to be part of their special day and to capture their love story through my lens.


Wedding Planner: Events by Kae | Reception: Ballroom at the Ben | Ceremony: Church of Holy Trinity | Officiant: Rev. John Gardner  | Florals & Decor: Twisted Vine | Cake: The Master BakerMake-Up & Hair: Mia Farah Boutique | Tiffany’s Gown: Brides by Young; Pronovias | Kunle’s Suit: The Blk Tux | Stationary: Minted | Caterer: Finely Catering | Transportation: Ace Limosuine | Photobooth & DJ: DJ Jay Anthony



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