I believe photos make for remarkable memories turned into art as genuinely and unaltered as possible. That's what I do, or I like to think so! It's how I pursue the idea of portraits by letting people be themselves and love who they are.

Portraits should be fun, relaxing, and memorable. You should be able to look at a picture and see you and not someone you were trying to be for one day. You want to feel and be like yourself, especially if you're not someone who takes photos very often.

Your photos will be here long after you're gone, so how do you want people to remember you? As a fun loving goof? As a shy but sweet individual? Or maybe you just want to document the here and now. Whatever the reason, your portrait will tell a story worth remembering.

I'm the photographer for the nerdy, the quiet, and the ones who just don't do pictures very often because they're awkward (hint: me). My people—you have found your photographer!

Delaware County Family Photographer

Portrait Experience

It's nice to meet you! As the title says, I'm Sabrina! I'm the artist behind SGW Photography—the home for my love of photography turned into a full-time profession. I'm ecstatic that you're here to consider me for potentially capturing your portraits!

I wrote this site with the hope that I can speak to you directly through my written words and my work since, as an introvert, words can fail me in person. This way, you have a better idea about me and if I'm the photographer for you.

the nerdy artist behind sgw

I'm Sabrina!




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portrait investment details

Working with Sabrina was such a great experience. She was flexible and understanding when our plans changed suddenly. Our photoshoot was so easy and comfortable. The end product was just what we needed. We've gotten so many compliments on the quality of the photos. I can't wait to work with her again!

"She was flexible and understanding when our plans changed suddenly."


Working with Sabrina was such a joy! I loved my  pictures so much and received a ton of compliments! She made the whole thing really comfortable and easy for me since I've never done a professional shoot before. I plan on doing it again soon!

"I felt and looked beautiful!"


 The first step is when you send me that email or fill out the contact form inquiring for a session. Tell me your ideas, plans, and what you're hoping to gain from this session.

I want to hear everything—things about your family, how you met your significant other, what made you decide to get photographs, and if you like Zelda or Mario.


Step One

Once your date is reserved, we'll connect to start chatting about possible locations for your session. Location options is anywhere within 30 miles of Philadelphia or in studio.

If you're not sure about where you would like to take your photos but you have a general idea of the look you would like, just let me know because I would be happy to recommend a few locations based on your aesthetic!

02: choose a location

Step Two

If picking out outfits for photos takes you back to your high school days when you literally tried on everything in your closet and piled it on your bed but still felt like you had nothing to wear, you're in luck.

I've put together an extensive outfit suggestion guide with tips for every member of the family (even Fido!) You'll be able to coordinate your outfits for a perfect portrait session.


Step Three

On the day of your session, we'll connect to make sure the weather still looks like it's going to corporate. We'll exchange numbers and finalize our meeting location. Please plan for your session to take about two hours from start to finish, especially for larger groups or smaller children.

Essentially, it should take no longer than an hour, but you can never be too careful. 

04: session day

Step Four

After the session, I'll share a few previews for you to enjoy and share with others online. Turnaround time for gallery delivery is 2-3 weeks, depending on the season.

You'll be able to download, share, and even order prints directly from your private online gallery.

05: the reveal

Step Five



Portrait sessions begins at $750 and includes a full delivery of high-res images through a private online gallery and credit towards prints, wall art, and albums. For events, branding, or headshots, please contact me.

begins at $750


One of the best ways to make your memories last is by ordering an album. These high quality professionally designed albums come in a variety of linen & leather colors. These aren’t the same albums your parents wedding photos came in. They’re modern, lay perfectly flat and look incredible on coffee tables.

Our albums are handmade and crafted with longevity in mind. All albums must be prepaid before design begins. Albums typically take between 4 to 6 weeks to complete and include three rounds of revision. Albums may be ordered anytime before or after the session day.

Album orders receive a discount when booked alongside your portrait session and make for a fantastic keepsake.


One of my favorite products that always wins families over is wall art. In today's busy modern world, we seldom have time to ever appreciate photos in our own home because we so often rely on social media to do that for us. Sure, getting a few hundred likes on Facebook or Instagram is great. But what about at home where you can appreciate them daily?

It's been proven that a child's self-esteem boosts tremendously when they see themselves hanging on a wall or displayed in some manner inside the home. There's something beautiful about being able to walk by a portrait of you surrounded by your loved ones or just existing blissfully with a smile on the wall.

Your walls needs portraits. A home without pictures is just an empty shell. Add warmth with beautiful wall art framed and handcrafted by the best in the industry. You'll be able to order a wall print with your booking as print credit is included.


To reach me, contact me at hello@sgwphotography.com or use the contact form by clicking the button below.

Yay! I'm excited