June 7, 2019
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Kings Mills Media, PA Wedding

On a rainy autumn day, Dale and Erica were surrounded with love on the day of their wedding at Kings Mills in Media, PA just outside of Philadelphia. The rainy weather did not stop this magical place from having its own bit of charm and romance while telling the story of two people in love. I was thrilled to be part of this big day as we started over at Hampton Inn & Suites where the bride and groom relaxed and got ready. It was a very relaxed day where the family watched as the bride to be turned into a gorgeous bride and the groom hung with his friends watching football and drinking a few beers.

Then it was off to Kings Mills where they did their first look in the wedding room. Dale was amazed at the transformation of his soon to be wife and the pair spent the next few minutes simply drinking it all in. It was quiet and lovely as the pair laughed and hugged excitedly to have finally reached their big day. Finally, it was time to walk down the aisle, and with a bit of Caribbean influence for music, they exchanged vows along with joining sands together in a vial. Then it was up to the second floor where the entire family toasted the newlyweds and celebrated all night long. It was a fantastic day and an even better evening.



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