July 14, 2021

» Old City Philadelphia Engagement Portraits

It’s Summer here in Philadelphia, and if you’re like me, you prefer to stay inside all the time. Yet when I’m not hiding from the horrible heat, I’m outside still taking fantastic pictures of happy couples in the city with engagement shoots. COVID-19 made it impossible to enjoy the beautiful spring weather; thus, we are left with hot and melting Philly days. But despite the weather, engagement sessions are still going strong in Philadelphia, especially for this couple I have the honor of photographing their wedding in 2022 at the Morris Arboretum!

Benjamin & Kellsey met at work! After four years of being friends, they started dating while keeping it relatively private from co-workers. Eventually, news broke out of their arrangement, and the two have been going strong. Like myself, this pair is relatively private and likes to keep things simple. Kellsey is a beautiful and funny woman who can make Ben light up like a Christmas tree! These two were so utterly adorable that I didn’t even need to give too many suggestions! I love sessions where couples can just be themselves, and there’s no expectation of being or posing a certain way. Sometimes just being us is the most photographable thing we can do because no one will understand what’s going through our minds except us whenever we look at a photo.

During the engagement session in Philadelphia, we paraded around the pier at Penns Landing, we headed to Elfreth’s Alley for gorgeous architecture and old city buildings. After that, it was ice cream to beat the hot weather, topped off with a classic shot at City Hall! Kellsey gave me some serious Cinderella vibes throughout the engagement pictures! Beautiful golden hair and a long flowing blue gown? Uhm, yes?! I loved how magical it was!

Overall, it was a fantastic day; these two were such a joy in front of my camera. Engagement photography is a must-have when it comes to working with me. It’s the best way for us to get to know each other AND do a bit of practice before the big day! I know their wedding is going to be even more mushy and cute. Honestly, I’m not even mad about it! I can honestly say capturing people who remind me so much of myself and my husband is the best part of my job. Who will understand what it means to be lowkey and genuinely better than your awkward nerdy photographer, Sabrina? I’m sure there are others, but I’m the best at being a supreme nerd. Just saying!

I’m looking forward to their wedding in 2022!



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