July 2, 2021
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» Fairmount Park Philadelphia

As a Philly couples photographer, one of my favorite clients is the one who is just utterly adorable and in love. Why? Well, because they tend to make me reminisce about my moments with my own husband when I was younger.

It’s funny to say that in another year or two I’ll be the big four-oh. My husband and I have been through ups and downs over the last twenty years, but one thing I know for certain is that he’s the one. My soulmate, my best friend, my everything. All of our memories, the good and the bad, make up what makes us today. But the part of our life I will always remember fondly is our youth and the first-love experience. His nerdy pick up lines and me with my bashful behavior. It’s a kind of love I often see in others from time to time, and this couple was no exception.

Dana found me through a search and was interested in doing a couples session. These two have been high school sweethearts and wanted to celebrate their journey with a beautiful session. The idea was to do something in the park on a nice Spring day, but I wanted to try something a little different. When I suggested doing a picnic theme, they eagerly took to the idea and made it come to life. We went over to Fairmount Park near a favorite area of mine and just enjoyed the day in a relaxed setting surrounded by the beautiful blossoming spring gardens during a warm sunset.

Dana and Stacey were just adorable. You would never guess it was Dana that booked the session due to her bashful behavior around her boyfriend (and hopefully fiancée? still waiting!) Every time he poked or teased her face lit up as did his. You know when you can just look at a couple and know they’re utterly in love? It’s so obvious and makes a session so easy to do because all you’re doing is just capturing them being who they are. No posing, no telling what to do (well maybe a few cues), but just them being them.

That’s the beauty of what I do with couples photography, I love capturing the authentic interaction between my clients because that’s what they want to see. Themselves, truly and genuinely, being in love.



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