May 24, 2021
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» Fitler Square Philadelphia Family

I recently had a spectacular session with the Fox family. I have the best clients ever! No, seriously! I do! I love when my clients share their story and reasoning behind wanting portraits done. It’s an investment that I try to commit 1000% to and constantly improving on. My goal this year is to make sure every client walks away with a beautiful print to hang on the wall. It’s the one thing I don’t see enough of and even a habit I myself tend to fail with. Photos aren’t just for viewing on social media, but to enjoy for a lifetime and pass on to family and friends. This family was no exception, either. Mom went above and beyond to coordinate her family to look their greatest. Their color scheme fit the cool autumn-to-spring vibes, and everyone looked sharp!

We met at Fitler Square Philadelphia around my usual time—golden hour. Fitler Square a beautiful neighborhood filled with gorgeous rowhomes and historic cobblestone alleys. The family’s bright and bubbly personalities shined through the cloudy day.

The Fox’s brought their fantastic sense of style to play with neutral hues and a leather accent for our shoot. The other outfit set was white and tangerine. They wanted one different outfit for the girls as part of an individual series of photos for just them as they were both seniors! As you can see, the look worked for them. They ate this up like it was nothing!

It indeed was a fantastic photo shoot. And if any of you are considering a family session or are prepping for an upcoming session, heed the words of (parent’s name):

We haven’t had any family photos done since the kids were little, so my main goal is to get memorable images that reflect our love, connectedness, and personalities and are beautiful and artistic. These will be photos that will be proudly displayed in our home and shared with our family, and this moment in our lives together will not happen again, so capturing it is EXTREMELY important and precious to us.

— Fox Family

Such a beautiful family!

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Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family!



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