July 2, 2021

I’ve been on a branding and headshot kick for the past year. It’s never been one of my offerings, but lately, it seems everyone wants a portrait of themselves either for business purposes or just because. It’s an area I’m beginning to appreciate and one I intend to expand on under Branding and Headshot for locals in the Philadelphia area. One reason is that this July, I’m finally going to have my own studio! With a studio, I’ll be able to do so much more for my clients, from professional headshots to fashionable lifestyle portraits. I want to throw so many creative ideas together, and this month I have several sessions happening at my studio already for July! Get out of the head and come into an incredible studio where photos can look beautiful without the heat and sweat.

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This client was someone who found me through Instagram. She was recently hired to work for The Roots and needed a clean headshot for the publications. I was ecstatic for the opportunity because of THE ROOTS? That’s taking me back! Her personality was funny and bubbly, but she was just radiant in front of the camera. I hear a lot from clients because they’re nervous, unsure, and have no idea how to pose or be in front of the camera.

I’ll be honest; posing is probably my weakness. I know a few tricks and tips, but I prefer just capturing people as they are. It feels more natural to me and less stiff. Sure, posed portraits make for very regal and sometimes editorial appearances, but I’m not here to appeal to magazines or publications. I’m here for my client! I’m here to work and do what I can to make my client feel good in front of me so that when they smile, laugh, and stand tall, they look natural and genuine to themselves.

I guess that’s why I was hesitant about branching into headshots because I’m not the typical headshot photographer. My approach will always be lifestyle, and that includes branding. So for Brittany, that was precisely what we did. She nailed. Look at her! I fell in love with branding just with a session over by the Art Museum in Center City, Philadelphia.

Because of her and a few others before her, this will be a new line of work I’m excited to journey down. Constantly changing, always adapting. I love my job because there are so many possibilities to create with it. Who knows. Five years from now, I might retire from weddings and turn into a full-time nature photographer! It all depends on where this ride takes me. Either way, I’m ready for the journey.



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