September 15, 2021

» Philadelphia Family Photographer

I am falling in love with my new studio in Philly! Yes, you heard right, I opened my official studio earlier this year in Spring! I never imagined being an owner of a studio. I always assumed it to be a dream that only the most established and successful photographers can achieve. Yet with a bit of a push from friends and loved ones, I took the plunge and decided to start the new year by getting a place to call mine.

Since moving in, I’ve turned the tiny 375 sq. ft. space into an oasis of beautiful plants, natural light, and endless possibilities for projects, branding, headshots, and more. While I have only had a few sessions so far, my goal is to pursue personal projects and explore a more creative, fine-art side of photography that I’ve been eager to explore!

I’ve had the pleasure of capturing the Johnson family for the last few years now! It all started with a maternity session over at the Valley Forge National Park and, more recently, has ended with a group family photo of their two beautiful children. I think that’s one of the things about this job I love the most. That I can say I had the honor of capturing their growing family makes me beyond happy.



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