September 26, 2021

» Love Restaurant Philadelphia Proposal

You’re going to propose! Congratulations on the first step! Now that you know you want to spend the rest of your days with your partner, you’re probably wondering if hiring a photographer is necessary. I’m here to tell you that yes, yes, you absolutely should! The memory of the first step towards marital bliss is worth documenting. What better way to retell the story and have everyone feel like they were there!

If your dream location is somewhere like a hotel balcony or an iconic place like the art museum stairs, make sure you get the proper permit or permission from the venue before proceeding.

In Nicky’s case, he was swift to improvise a change of plans by having us meet at the Love restaurant. The restaurant was very accomodating to his request and even made sure I was seated nearby. I can’t thank them enough for their flexibility to make it all happen that night for my client. A relationship with a restaurant that the Love happily reshared on their Instagram!

Proposals can be well planned or on a whim. We never know. Just be sure to play it safe and ask questions before selecting a location. Oh, and be sure to hire a photographer, of course! Proposal photographers are a must here in Philly! If you have been debating on hiring a proposal photographer and searching online for your answer, then consider this it! The moment you know you’re going to propose then it’s time to find your photographer!

Another benefit to Philadelphia proposal photographers is the opportunity to develop relationships with potential vendors. The location you choose might end up becoming the place you want to get married! Or maybe the photographer you end up hiring, like myself for example, might be just the ticket for landing your wedding photographer! There’s a ton of reasons on why you should hire a proposal photographer, but at the end of the day, the only thing that matters most is that your partner gets to see you ask the most important question in your journey together—will you marry me.



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