September 14, 2021
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» Philadelphia Portrait Studio Photographer

In July of this year, I took a significant step in my business by opening a brick-and-mortar studio in Philadelphia. This was a massive milestone for me as I never imagined taking such a step and always thought it impossible. However, through a bit of knowledge and research, I’ve managed to carve a small space for myself to take my photography to the next level.

The space is small but very accommodating to my needs. I’ve furnished the area inside and out and draped it with white curtains so that all the light can pour in. Since I’m a sucker for plants, the studio is filled with natural potted plants everywhere. While not the best green thumb around, I’ve managed to keep them happy and green. They fill the room with texture and style for my studio sessions.

The Lewis family were my first clients inside my studio. I was excited to see all my work come together, and the results were just beautiful. This family knocked this session out of the park with their gorgeous hair, glowing skin, and smiles all around. I loved seeing their interaction and genuine laughter; it made the session such a breeze seeing these ladies show so much love for one another.

Take a look at this gorgeous family session done in my Philly studio. It’s perfectly lit to do both natural and artificial light. In the future, I’ll write up a post talking about my studio and my goals.



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