July 8, 2021

» Philadelphia Extended Family Photographer

Family sessions remain a favorite even with all the weddings I take. Yet this family was probably the most extensive session to date! An entire family of at least thirty people was organized by one fantastic family member who put it all together. I would have been a little wary of taking on such a large group in the past. Thankfully, my years of working at weddings have made large sessions like this simple and easy to tackle.

I had a blast working with this family, and they made the experience highly entertaining! While I wish I could spend even more time with everyone involved, our time frame was about 4 hours, and we had a lot of group photos to work through.
Fairmount Park remains my favorite place to get photos because of the lush greenery and calm surroundings. One thing about spring and summer sessions is all the green and lots of it. I tell my clients to avoid wearing anything that might make them blend in with the scenery.

For summer sessions, you want to stand out against all the colors definitely, so I tend to encourage anything from patterns, colors, and more. Honestly, the key is always to wear whatever makes you comfortable. Why dress up in something you usually never wear when you can be yourself in front of the camera? When you feel like yourself, you don’t look nervous and feel tons more confident in front of the camera. It’s crucial to feel good, and that will always trump everything!

This family did just that and knocked it out of the park. Well, not literally, but you get the idea. Ha! I’d say more, but we’re here for beautiful family portraits in Philly. Let’s get into it!



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